Clare Stockinger
Brand Manager
at Panasonic UK

I had the pleasure of working with Paul, when I worked at Panasonic UK. Paul’s creative input was outstanding. He simply excelled when given creative free-rein, you could tell he had absolutely devoured the project brief and was simply buzzing with ideas for our campaigns.   

Even when given a more restricted creative rein, to follow a set template or having to incorporate European supplied central imagery, Paul was still able to add that touch of magic to create real impact. If you want someone who is passionate and forward thinking on your project, who works closely with the client to ensure they get what they want and more – Paul is your man

Roshan Kapoor
Creative Director
at We Are MBC

If I were to describe Paul, I would call him the human dynamo. He’s possibly one of the most proactive Senior Art Directors I’ve ever worked with. Always thinking about how to add value to clients and the agency, Paul’s contribution to the creative output at DirectionGroup could not be underestimated – particularly on the retail side. His experience in packaging and POS design was second to none, as well as his knowledge of materials and
structural design. 

His conceptual abilities, quick thinking and creative delivery were also great on tactical campaigns whether that was B2B or B2C. Paul was also a good mentor to junior members of the team and took them under his wing. A real genuine guy and a hard worker – Paul would be an asset to any creative team.

Paul Baker
Exec Creative Director,
The marketing Practice

“I have never known anyone that worked so fast and produced so many high quality visuals in such short amounts of time. Amazing craft skills and never short of an idea. He challenges (in a positive way) everything, always trying to push the boundaries within the commercial restrictions. Very pro-active and full of enthusiasm, I would recommend Paul to anyone.” 

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